How DO I convert and burn .asf to dvd sucessfully anyone?

I recorded from my cable box into a AIPTEK DV camera

I have sseveral wmv files with .asf extensions that I want to burn on DVD without the pixels being displaced.

I already used NeroVision ( DVD and SVCD modes) and thats what I got.

Do I convert these file to another format?

What free converting software is available?

If not Nero 7 what do I use?

Pixels displaced? You mean you were getting artifacts or pixelization?

There are some free conversion programs, but I’m not sure how well some of them like .asf files. SUPER should be able to handle them, but won’t get you all the way to a finished dvd ready to burn to disk.

You can try AVStoDVD or DVDFlick or FAVC. Those converters will produce a finished dvd-video.

During play the DVD shows pixelation when there is movement - That is all I really want to eliminate and bring the pixels together on the final burn.

I’ll try your suggestions IF they don’t work I’ll be back :iagree:

This one is not free but it works pretty good [B]ConvertXtoDVD[/B]