How do I convert a video ts file to an.avi file free?

How do I convert a video ts file to an avi file free, please?:bow:

You can use a program called Handbrake.

The latest version of Handbrake no longer supports avi files as output.
You would have to get an earlier version of the program.

What exactly do you mean by “video ts” file lisataruschio58? Do you have a folder named Video_TS? If so, that is a dvd-video folder that contains .vob, .ifo and .bup files.

Dvd-video can be converted to .avi files with AutoGK, or AviDemux among many other programs.

+1 for AVI DeMux It can even load .VOB files automatically

The file extension “TS” refers to television video files. This file type is incompatible with the majority of video players you can use with your computer. So, if you have a television program in TS format that you want to watch with a video program on your computer, you’ll need to convert it to a more compatible format such as AVI.

Here’s another way to convert ts to avi:

  1. Visit a website that can convert your TS file to AVI. Examples include Media-convert and Free File Convert. Click on the “Browse” button, which will open a window where you can find your TS file. Once you’ve located it, double-click on it.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu for “Input Format” and make sure that it says “TS.” Hit the drop-down menu for “Output Format” and select “AVI,” Click on the button that says “Convert” or sometimes “OK” to begin conversion.

  3. Click on the download link for your newly converted file to download the AVI to your computer.

  4. Or get a conversion program if you’d prefer to do it with software. An example is “Next Tech DVD Burning Software”. This program is free to try on a trial basis. Click on the download link, then click on “Download Now” to download the file.

  5. Install the file on your computer after it downloads by double-clicking on the installation file icon. Begin the program when ready. Click on “New Task” and add the TS file to the process. Then click on “Output Format” to select AVI format. Click the 'Convert Now" button to begin the conversion.

Hope this helps.

Look here

The original poster was looking for [B]free[/B] solutions guys. Next Tech and TSConverter do not belong in this thread. Even if they are working with tv transport streams.

A tool that might be more appropriate would be Mpeg StreamClip:

TS == Transport Stream