How do I convert a DVD to mpg

I have successfully backed up DVDs using DVDClone, but a new Home Theatre box will only play mpgs (up to MPG4)

What is the best software for doing this, please

many thanks in advance

DVD’s are only Mpeg2.
iF dvd’s aren’t playing, perhaps you can try using bitsetting to fool your media box into thinking that it’s a pressed/commercial DVD.

But anyway…

Anydvd, Smartripper & DVDX is easiest.

Or if you want to wear your drive out faster,

If you want a proper job done though

Anydvd +Smartripper -> HD.
HD-> DVDx (split AC3 to stereo Wav)
HD-> Virtual Dub to synch the Divx video + Wav -> Divx/Xvid + Mp3/AAC/whatever you want.

Many thanks for your response - I will try your favoured option

Anydvd +Smartripper -> HD
HD-> DVDx (split AC3 to stereo Wav)
HD-> Virtual Dub to synch the Divx video + Wav -> Divx/Xvid + Mp3/AAC/whatever you want.

I gather it’s all very straightforward !! ??


Anydvd works once it’s installed.
Smartripper is point and click, basically just set it to where you want the files for the movie (approx 6Gb required on HD)

Once that’s been done, DVDx needs to be pointed to the right folder to get the files.
Select input options (all high quality, sound should be High Quality 48->44.1Khz stereo)
Output options will be “Enable multipass”
First pass -> Divx or Xvid (Xvid gives nicer results, but can increase encoding time to over double) and set the Divx codec to “two pass, first pass”
Second pass->Xvid, divx. Set the size/bitrate to what you want.
Xvid allows you to set the size, and calculates the bitrate automatically.
Divx sets the bitrate ->size will be determined by bitrate/8/1024/1024 MB’s + approx 100MB per hr for audio.
Set your audio output to “Store to Wav”

Okies :slight_smile:
Select your output files (approximately 2-3GB depending on your bitrates)

Once DVDx has encoded the files to Divx & Wav, check that the result is ok with Media Player Classic. Itwill automatically load the wav file :slight_smile: and play it thru.
If it’s all ok, then you can delete the original DVD files :slight_smile:

Use Virtual Dub, load the video file.
Set video output to “direct output”
Set audio to “Compress audio to” (your choice, but usually MP3, 160-256Kb/s Constant Bit Rate)
Set audio interleaving to 10ms.
Save the file…to a different name or location.

Check the resultant file (and size) & backup.
Note, the audio compression is very quick so ifthe file is 50MB to big to fit onto a CD, or too big, you can reduce the audio bitrate a little. Dropping the bitrate from 320->160Kb’s will usually reduce the filesize by approximately 100MB’s.

Many thanks debro - your input / solution is very welcome
I’ll try it and advise