How do I convert a 14 Gig MPG to DVD?

I have a problem that I have been completely unsuccessful in solving. I have a 14.3 Gig MPG I want to convert to DVD. I originally thought I would use something like WinAVI to convert it to DVD format saved on my hard drive and then use DVD Shrink to compress it as necessary and make a DVD. This seemed simple enough but WinAVI (an otherwise excellent program) will currently not handle files larger than 4 Gig. Everything else I tried (Pinnacle Studio, Ulead DVD Movie Factorry, etc.) either refuses to convert it because it is “too big” for a DVD or crashes after it converts 10 gig or so. The limitation is not my computer because I have plenty of horsepower and 1 Gig of memory.

How can I convert this huge MPG to a DVD? There must be a way of doing this or at least converting to DVD format on my hard disk. Any help would be appreciated because I commited to doing this for a friend for this weekend but I have now run into a brick wall.


Please give VSO’s Divx to DVD a go then.

This product is currently free and does a really good job !

If it’s already an mpeg, why re-encode to another mpeg?
Most players will accept non-standard aspect/framerate mpegs, and play them successfully. All you need to do is author it, then shrink it.
VSO will re-encode it, but with no control over bitrate, the mpeg won’t shrink enough to make any difference. It’s still going to be too large for 1 dvdr.
How long is this movie? What are it’s current audio and video bitrates?