How do I contact an administrator?


I’m a newbie here, but I’m a veteran user of forums in general.

I gather that this forum was recently ported to new software, so there may still be some kinks in it–which would explain some of the odd behavior and missing functionality I’m experiencing. For example, I can’t find a consistent way to subscribe/unsubscribe to an arbitrary forum or thread, and I am unable to edit my own posts. I’m having a couple of other problems, too.

I How do I contact an administrator to help me work through these issues?

Bug Reports

Try the link above for problems witht the web site and just start a new thread there

Or you could just send one of the Admins a PM (da_Taxman being probably your best bet). :slight_smile:

You cant edit your posts after 30mins this is default i think it was to stop people changing there posts when they were wrong and then deny they were wrong etc…

I see the edit button on the version of the page that comes back to me after I hit the ‘Post’ button. Once I leave that page and return, the ‘Edit’ button is forever missing.

I was led to believe it was 30 minutes but i may be wrong…

I just checked the board settings. You have 15 minutes to edit a title and 30 minutes to edit your post.

Thanks for your effort. It would be helpful to others if this info were in the FAQ.