How do i connect Sata Controller?

I just got myself a PCI I/O Controller card for updateing firmware on my samsung drive in my Xbox 360. I inserted it in the motherboard and nothing shows that it is connected… It come with no instructions and have no idea how to connect it please help.

You’ll probably need to look under the device manager and see if it’s listed as a storage controller. If the drive isn’t plugged in it probably will not show up in my computer or another file manager type thing.

Thanks that worked i never thought to do that dirrectly adding the hardware duh im so dumb… now another question how do i connect a DVD drive to the controller

I just got myself a PCI I/O Controller card for updateing firmware on m

Can anyone help please now i tryed to change around the IDE setting in BIOS and raid setting my comp couldnt load for about 2 houres than i finally fixed it by changing around the setting again but now my 2 dvd drives arnt working through bios they are not dectecting… CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP I NOW NEED HELP TO MAKE THE DVD DRIVES WORK AGAIN AND TO CONNECT MY SAMSUNG DRIVE TO THE SATA CONTROLLER GRR

If it’s the VIA 6421a based controller they are horrible to get working right. I have one because I wanted something cheap to add back the 2 SATA and 1 IDE drives I lost when I upgraded to a quad core AMD board that only had 6 SATA ports and 1 IDE vs my old one that had 8 SATA and 2 IDE. The controller if it is the 6421 is very picky about which ports and which 2 drives will work together.
Mine has 3 internal ports and 1 external plus a IDE port. I can only use 1 internal SATA and 1 external at the same time, and only with certain drive combos, others will lock up the machine or just not properly burn a disk all the way through.
I finally found that my LGh62l and my 7240, I think, worked OK on it after trying 3 different combos of drives.
The IDE port seems to work OK and is not picky so far.
The Samsung never seemed to work right with another drive hooked up with it and I think it’s a known issue with Samsung drives, I have a S203b myself.
Anyways try different port combos and drives, you might get lucky like I did after some futzing around. I would have returned it but after I accidentally got it working I decided to just keep it.
There is a thread here about controllers and what works with what if you want to search it out.
Also some of the VIA controllers have jumpers, others do not, mine didn’t so I couldn’t reset which ports worked.