How do I connect DVD player to PC

How can I connect DVD player to my PC’s video card (nvidia FX 5200 from Asus with s-video in and out)
Can I play the dvd video thruge my pc (see it on my monitor )
If it is posible plz help me with the configurations :bow: :bow:

Sorry… my english is not so good :S:S

dont you have a dvd drive?

You can do that though, connect svideo from dvd player to the svideo in on the video card, to view it you would need the software from your video card maker (capture card software?)


Try Showshifter and IUVcr. These are the best capture softwares. But please check whether your card is supported by the software first from the manufacturers website(google for it). The HELP is excellent as well.

Hope this helps.