How do i compres an AVI file with winzip, or winrar?

i know this might be a serious n00b question (about software in general), but can anyone tell me how to compres a 780 mb .avi file onto a cd-r with winzip or winrar?

the files are to big to fit onto a regular cd-r. and i don’t have a dvd burner. and i’ve tried (with no luck) for about 2 hours to compress the file usin winzip, but still am clueless.

anyones help is VERY appreciated.



right click on the file and select “add to archive” for winrar then select the compression method on the pop up screen and press ok.
right click select “add to zip file” for winzip

if winzip is installed, i think all you have to do is tell it to create a zip archive from the file. perhaps drag the file into winzip, or select it from your folders.

you probably wont get it down small enough to fit, however :(. you might have better luck buying oversized cds.

Or with WinRAR he could split the files into packs of 650 or 700 to span across multiple cdrs.

It may be an option to re-encode your videostream to make it a little smaller. Ofcourse, this costs some time and efforts, but that’s the most beautiful way I guess.

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And of course you can always split the movie in half with something like VirtualDub (free), then burn each half on a regular cd, or, if capable, overburn or invest in a handful of 99min cdr blanks