How do I compile a home theater demo DVD?

I’m wanting to compile a home theater demo DVD. I’ve ripped several sections of various DVDs to my hard drive using DVDShrink. I’ve got all of the .vob, .bup. and .ifo files in one directory.

I know that I can use Burn At Once or Nero to create the DVD, but I’d really like to create a custom menu so that I could divide the sections based on audio format, genre, etc.

MyDVD 4.5 came with my burner (Lite-On 411s), but I can’t get it to import the vob files. I’ve also tried using Nero 6 (demo), but it seems that it can’t burn the DTS files.

Here is my question, I want to burn my ripped files and keep the original DD 5.1 & DTS audio along with a custom menu. How can I do this?




Did you got any software, i am also searching for the same. please guide me if you got any.

Thanks in advance

joerhce, I don’t know why you chose a six year old thread to post your question, but here are a couple of options for you to try.

There are others, but these two are fairly simple and easy to use. Try them out to see if one fits your needs.