How do i compare the quality of 2 dvd's copied by different software

i want to se the quality difference of the copy made with dvd cloner 2 and 1 click dvd copy. anyone know how i can check this and whats the difference between the programs. everywhere i read 1 click dvd copy is the better software and does alot more.


Look Here: Although I didnt use DVD Cloner II, (as its not a fully functional trial) the differences between most transcoding software is negligable to the human eye. If you want to compare bitrate and quantization use this: although I believe you need to payware version to view quantization readings. Use ‘Vobmerge’: and author the transcoded vobs into one then run the single 4.38G vob through ‘Bitrate Viewer’.

the best way to judge the quality would be to look at the finished products and compare.

i see because i cannot see any difference when watching, just thought that one must be superior to the other

It’s very difficult to see the drop in picture quality unless you’re compressing the source by more than 20%. With normal viewing, even 30% compression is unnoticeable to most viewers.

Several posters here claim they can see difference between programs and/or transcoders, and also can tell difference of compression 90% and 80%, etc.
There are users who spend 3-5 hours for several passes of analysis and transcoding. (and as a joke, they later try to burn fast to save 12 seconds…)

For standard movies without super fast action, I compress up to 65% without hesitation. For example, I compressed Harry Potter I to 65%, but this is a 152 minutes long, wide screen format. Once the movie starts I do not see blurrs or blots, or bits, or blahs. Also, I am not pro-actively looking for these imperfections, I just watch the movie itself.
I do not want to spend hours on the analysis and transcoding, and then even more time trying to look at the picture to find imperfections, if any. I am trying to watch the movie, not watch the imperfections, so what now? watch the movie again after it was accepted as “perfect”? :slight_smile:
My backups are for personal use and time shifting, not for commercial distribution or showing.
I do not have 6 foot TV set, so maybe size matters :slight_smile:

Anyway, when prices of DL media drop below, say, 80 cents, we will not compress so much, and transcoding will be forgotten …

thanks alot

percentage alone is not a good way to determine how much to compress a movie. read here to see why. as for whether or not methods that require more time (such as dvd rebuilder) produce a noticeable difference in video quality, i have a comparison here (winrar is needed to decompress).

Very very interesting AZImmortal:) My comparisons soon to be posted make sense now.

sounds good i thought there may be a simple way to see a graph comparison of two different dvd’s that where burned