How do I combine Mpeg-2's in TMPGEnc?



I have 2 files that I converted to Mpeg-2’s in TMPGEnc and I want to combine them together now in TMPGEnc DVD Author… what is the best way to do this/ How do I do this? i.e I want Onlyy 1 Track Title. Thanks for any help


In TMPGEnc go file\mpeg tools then use merge and cut before using dvd author…


Under the column Type I chose Mpeg-2 Program, I then added the 2 files, Typed in a Output Source,… and now it is running (1) producing the Stream 2) Multiplexing. I assume it is combining both files, however it seems to be a long process (which is fine)… but will I lose any quality?

Now if I had added the 2 video files in DVD author, would it have played them continuously (like a new chapter) or would have it stopped after the first video file?

Thanks dallshead for your help