How do I combine 2 .iso files?



Hi alll, I downloaded a large DVD iso image which was split in to two parts for ease of download, ie filename.iso.part1 and filename.iso.part2.

How do combine these before I burn to DVD? or can I just burn the two of them to the one DVD?

The software is a linux OS… :confused:


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There are plenty of ways to combine .ISO files. You can for example use a tool like UltraISO. Just open the second ISO file, extract the files to your harddrive. Then open the first ISO file, add the files from the second ISO on your harddrive to the first one, write it to a new file, burn it with a tool like Nero or so and try…

There’s no guarantee for succes though. I never failed on combining Linux ISO files though :slight_smile: My advice: burn to a rewritable disc to try before you waste a recordable disc!


Or maybe mount on Daemon tools?


[QUOTE=Goudo;827775]Or maybe mount on Daemon tools?[/QUOTE]

use cat command to combine to iso files.

use cat
cat abc.iso.001 > newname.iso
cat abc.iso.002>>newname.iso

newname.iso is full merged iso file.

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jeewa, before posting did you happen to look at the last posted date was like 4 years old and the OP hasn’t since responded to their thread? It probably doesn’t have any revelance anymore.


Threads are intentionally left open here at MyCE coolcolors, so that people can search for ones that interest them and ask questions or provide new answers.

jeewa’s answer is probably a commonly known process for those who use Unix or Linux, but is a new and interesting one for those of us stuck in the Windows world. It may help someone else working with Linux iso’s.

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[QUOTE=jeewa;2466231]use cat command to combine to iso files.[/QUOTE] Concatenating parts of an ISO image, that was previously split into parts, will work. :iagree:

Concatenating two ISO images will not result in anything useful, however. The resulting file would not be a valid ISO image.

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I have looked at the last posted date which was 4 years ago, but i hit this page when i search for the answer.

i got the answer from, here it is:

use cat

cat abc.iso* > abc.iso

so it might help someone too :slight_smile:


on Windows run from the command line:

copy /b abc.iso.* abc.iso

This will combine the files into one.


Using the Windows ‘copy’ command to combine 2 ISO files will not do what you are wanting. Yes, the 2 files will be combined, but if you burn the new ISO file you will still only be able to see the 1 (first) ISO file.

I suggest people try the advice that Dee-ehn gave a couple of decades ago (use Ultra ISO or similar). This gives you the best chance of gettting the results you are looking for.



[QUOTE=RichMan;2541688]Using the Windows ‘copy’ command to combine 2 ISO files will not do what you are wanting. Yes, the 2 files will be combined, but if you burn the new ISO file you will still only be able to see the 1 (first) ISO file.

This may need a little clarification, RichMan. It actually works perfectly for an ISO that has been split into 2 files (I haven’t tried it for 2 files that didn’t start off as a single file), but the syntax was muddy in the example given. Here what I got from DELL to burn a DVD of their OpenManage software:

From a command prompt, at the file location, type (without the quotes):
‘copy /b file* merged_files.iso’ (where both beginning ISOs start with ‘file’)
Copy the two parts to your c: emp\ and from that location at your DOS prompt type (without the quotes):
‘file.iso.1 file.iso.2 > merged_files.iso’



Hey Dav2id34…thanks for your concern regarding the age of the original post. I would have replied offline, but you didn’t make that possible. Anyway, your point that the OP posted a long time ago is not relevant to my motivation in posting. I responded to the thread to help the online community get a better answer to their questions when they do a search like I did. This thread came up at the top of my search. I hope that clarifies things for you.



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