How do I clean up an MP3 file?


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I downloaded 2 music files in MP3 format; however, when I listen very closely I can tell they are recordings from vinyl records. There is a slight but noticeable scratch on the record that comes through the MP3 recording.

Is there a particular software I can play the MP3 file through and clean up the recording?

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I did this with adobeaudition 1.5, though I hear that sonic soundforge can do it too, only it needs an additional plugin. is good, get the plugins as well

I have adobe Audition and it will handle this. Download a demo and check it out. If you decided to buy it it does have a sticker shock (I think around $300.00). I would also look at other software mentioned here to see what works for you. Adobe audtion will let you do the following:

  • amplify and fade
  • remove hum and general noise
  • Center channel extraction
  • FFT filters
  • Remove MIC HUM
  • Parabolic EQ
  • Cut and edit any protion of the audio file
  • Insert silence
  • 30 band graphic EQ
  • Edit multiple audio tracks
  • Save files in WAV, MP3 ect…
  • Bring in MIDI devices

I like it but it was a little expensive.

Even Wavelab is good enough to clean this up.

FFT is most important.

robo, ad.audition can clean precisely the sounds of old records/ needle play. just select 1-2 sec. of pure noise from the track ans set it as noise filter. presto, i’s gone!

I have recently found this out with my VCR to DVD convertion project over the last two weeks. I ended up taking the VOB file and creating a WAV file audio format. The source was a highschool play that had a lot of noise. I took the WAV file into Audtion and removed the vocals from the WAV file which left me with all the other noise and crap. I saved this file as *.fft then loaded the original WAV file and applied the *.fft filter. It worked pretty well. I am very new to this stuff so I am still learning and I have spent a lot more money that I was going to…

  • Adobe Audtion 1.5
  • DVDLAB PRO 1.53
  • DVDFAB Plat
  • Nero 6.6.016
  • DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter
  • Xilisoft Video Converter

I am still learning but I think DVDLAB and Audition are great packages to have for Audio and Video, at $35.00 the Xilisoft Video converter is a good package as well.

Thx for the replies.

I have a copy of Adobe Audition1.5, but I’m new to this edit process so only have a slight understanding of using this software; however, I’m not too old to learn. Last time I had to edit music I used Cool Edit and that was several years ago, but can not find my copy and it was not this sort of editing.

This is the first time I’ve D/Led music from the net that had a noticable defect.

Again, thx for your time and replies.


Oh, I forgot to add something.

For the lower-bitrate songs among them, you might want to just try and find a better copy rather than cleaning up the one you have, because saving it as a new MP3 will introduce some bad sounds of its own. This will be less noticeable with the higher-bitrate stuff so it should be better for cleaning up and re-saving.