How do i choose media for my liteon?

well i read ricoh is good, but i can only get stuff localy here in usa. we have staples and walmart. and every dang time i but media.what the box says is not whats in there when i check it with nero info tools. hect once i bought memerex 4+ and it was ricoh i go and by the exact same memrex in same pacakge . and it was some other stuff i blive cmc. if ya can give me a idea cause im going to walmart tonight and try my luck or wait for am in go to staples…man i wish they would be hoenst as what they are

Try the maxell 4x +R at wallmart. It has been ricohjpn01 every time I’ve bought it. The maxell 4x -R at wallmart is usually taiyo yuden. Very good stuff too.

Generally the liteys like +R better than -R.
Better quality burns.

I second that.
And the other thing that Liteys really like is Ricoh media. Either Ricoh branded or TDK +R 8x in the 25 spindles which are also Ricoh (RICOHJPNR02).
Note the Ricoh spindles contain only 20 discs although the are in same size container.

I agree with what has already been said here. Go for Ricoh dvd+r discs and you can’t go wrong.

I just bought TDK 4x +R @ Staples - It’s on sale for 10 bones (25).
It’s Ricohjpn-r01 :slight_smile:

No limit so I bought 10 :rolleyes: