How do I choose DVD media?

Is there a simple answer to this question? I had a look in the media forum and feel slightly ill.!!! Maybe just buy the cheapest I can find??? (for Pioneer 108)

Or is there a FAQ here somehwere??



Buying the cheapest you can find IS NOT the way to go with DVD media. You can’t just buy any POS and expect to be able to play it in any DVD Player. That and the cheapest media has virtually no media integrity (ie quit working after 1-2 years). Taiyo Yuden seems to be the one that consistantly gets the lowest error ratings, other recommendations are: Ricoh, Ritek G04 and Mitsubishi Chemicals Made In Sigapour (MCC, which is usually Verbatim).

Well… with good media you will have readable, enjoyable backups. With cheap media you will most probably make coasters. When you buy media always check where it was made, if it is: “Made in Japan”, go fo it!


Lucky for you - Pioneer certifies its media - so go to the pioneer site and see what they certify - I know that it is most always -R media and Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell and Verbatim are the best commerically available Pioneer certified medias-

The best chance for a good burn is to always use good media - and the easiest way to get a bad burn is using cheap media-


Thanks Mike that’s just the info I needed :slight_smile: Just couldn’t work it out from digging round here :expressionless:

Yo gpk-

Happy to have helped-