How Do I Check burn quality!

(Sorry I’m New to all this)

Well I just got my NEC today and I very happy but also nervous. I ordered a 25 pack of Datawrite Yellow from ebuyer (it had good reviews).

Anyway after 2 unsuccessful burns one with a Verbatim DVD+RW and the other with a Datawrite DVD-R I finally got a successful burn at 2.4 speed.

My question is what do I need to do to check that my burned DVD is good enough for me to be able to delete the original files (I really can’t watch all those TV Rips).

(I forgot to use Nero’s Verification Doh!)

U can do several things.
Read the disc with nero cdspeed and a picky dvdrom like the liteon 166. You can run kprobe with a lite on dvdwriter. Or you can just buy good media instead of datawrite yellow, which is PRINCO media and actually sux.
And how do you burn a dvd-r at 2.4speed?
Good media is TY or MCC (used by verbatim dvd-r) or Maxell (dvd+r).
U light wanna try Prodisc (good price in USA) or Traxdata dvd+r 2.4X which is RICOHJPN R00 and I have good results with that.
I also recommend you to flash to Herrie’s fw 1.07v2b5 and it even gives you DL support. Also the ability to burn all discs at 8X (well almost all) like the dvd+r traxdata and fuji 2.4X. You can use bitsetting dvd+r to dvd-rom and then it’s compatable with almost any drive even XBOX.

Thanks mate, I had no idea what media to buy (Apart from MMC & TY which are rare or too expensive here) anyway the Datawrite Yellows I’ve got are show up as RitekG04 which I’ve heard can be good if you don’t get a bad batch.

I’m weary about using Herrie’s Firmware as I read it invalidates your warranty and my 2510 is a day old, if I can get away without using it I will, for the time being anyway.

I used Nero CD-DVD Speed but have no idea what the results mean, what exactly should I be hoping to see?

(Oh yes my mistake I wrote the DVD+RW at 2.4X not the DVD-R)

Well, Ritekg04 are pretty good, but I don’t have good experience with those dics at 8X so as long as you keep those burns at 4X then you’ll be fine.
If you have burned a disc and you have a dvdrom you can test it in nero cdspeed, by pressing F2 it normally starts, it’s in the second Tab, third option.
If the curve is smoorth, then the burn is good. Better is to put the dvd in a Liton writer and run kprobe, you can read all about it at
Best discs are TY or MCC used by verbatim dvd-r. Maxell or sony dvd+r or you might give RICOH a try, good discs in my opinion. Better an expensive disc then a frisbee.

RitekG04 - That explains something !!
Well - atleast in 2500 the default factory firmware did not have the correct strategy to burn G04.
Herrie hacked this and made a special firmware ( then ) - his current series of 1.07v2 beta firmwares all have this G04 patch.

Am not sure if NEC did something before launching 2510, but I doubt it. If you continue to get crappy burns on the G04, you should give the latest v2 beta a try.

I used to have a batch of G04 ( before moving on to TYs :slight_smile: ) - most of it burned fine @4x with Herrie’s v2 firmware.

Check his FW thread for details on how to download etc etc

I’m weary about using Herrie’s Firmware as I read it invalidates your warranty and my 2510 is a day old, if I can get away without using it I will, for the time being anyway.

Hey Quick,
I agree with Max 2k1, in giving Herrie’s FW a try, especially after reading his telling how the original fw’s writing strategy for G04’s wasn’t perfected; good thing Herrie (with Wesociety I think from what I’ve read?) fixed that.

I just got my NEC a month ago, and was hesitant to void the warranty and weighed that against the gains in Herrie’s FW. I took the plunge last week, and it’s great o be able to burn 4x media at 8x; not to mention the Rip lock removal (which benefits for faster ripping I have not yet used) and the region removal…and the bitsetting also, which I’ve also not used yet, since i have DVD-R’s now and they read pretty goon on my standalones.

As for voiding the warranty, you can read the pro’s and cons on the “Warranty still Valid?” thread (do a search and you’ll find it). If you save the original FW before flashing to Herrie’s, you could always, like others have said on this forum, flash it back if you ever needed to send it to NEC. I wouldn’t feel bad about that if I returned for a flaw that has nothing to do with the fw…though many disagree…

Point is, the fw Herrie did is simply better that NEC’s original, let you do more, and has been proven stable and safe by most/all accounts… i personally think it’s safe. But it’s up to you and what you can live with. :wink: