How do I change the region code



How do I change the region code ( new burner from 0 to 1 ). I can’t find the setting.


For me this function. Hope can help also you :slight_smile:

From MyComputer right click on the drive

On the windows opened select the drive and click “Properties” button

From the windows select the tab “DVD Region”

Select the region clicking on a geographic area

Click OK

Should be done


Sorry, forgot one thing

after right click on the drive, on the window opened must click on “Hardware” tab to choose the drive


device manager>>dvd/cd-rom drives>>double click the dvdrw
drive>>region>>select the right country and click “ok”
keep in mind you can only change the region 5 times and cannot change it anymore after that (regarless to windows reinstallation , its a hardware thing) you might wanna consider purchasing “dvd region free” or use a 3rd party region free firmware to bypass that

dvd region free -
3rd party firmware -
if i were you i would go on the software solution,dvd region free


I tryed that and there is no region tab.


Generally, DVDDeCrypter will ask you if you want to set the region if you use it on a non-setup drive. You could try that in a pinch.


are you sure you double clicked the dvdrw drive and not any other? do a screenshot and upload it to and give a link


No region tab, General ,properties ,Volumes , drivers, details Thats it.


in “my computer” whats under the drives icon? (before its drive letter)
need to figure out if windows identifies the dvdrw properly


Both drives are recognized. I have two Nec drives. When I double click on the drive only those 5 tabs are there. General ,Properties, Volumes, Drivers and Details.


that is not what i was asking i was asking how specifically are they recognized as cdrom/dvdrom/dvdrw…


Both are recognized as what they are. DVDRW Drives


both of the drives using offical firmware?

expand “ide/ata atapi controllers” in device manager and right click & uninstall the ide channel/s that the drives are on and restart for em get re identified than check if still same


No both drives are using hacked firmware. Does that make a difference?


it makes a huge diffrence thats why you dont have the region tab,those hacked firmwares are region free , weird i would have except anyone using hacked dvd firmwares to know that


Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Does it make any difference that my 3540 has no location. I am using AnyDVD.


Insert a regioned DVD and startup your player. Easy as it sounds.


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