How do I change the Burn DVD folder location in DVDFab Platinum version

I upgraded to DVDFab Platinum and it works great but I would like to change the location of the Burn DVD folder. I want it to go to my external hard drive instead of my local hard drive. How do I do this?

at the top of the program there is source and target selections with a folder next to them. click the folder next to target and navigate to where you want the files to save. then the next time you do a rip, click the drop down and the directory will be available as target.

please read the official guide to answer more questions and if you still need help please post.

you can also set the default output directory for the log, ISO and temp files in settings/ general tab


DvdFab is now updated to


oops, Mistake post sorry but yeah do what troy512 said or change the spot where the temp files get saved to your external and just uncheck delete temp files after. That what I do

“…uncheck delete temp files after. That what I do”

me too