How Do I Change The Book Type?

I have a Norwood (BenQ 1650) that came with firmware GCFC.
I’m using IMGBurn to burn Verbatim 16x DVD+R media.
I have not updated to BenQ firmware or installed Q-Suite.

I’m backing-up a movie.
I’ve heard that I should change the book type from DVD+R to DVD-R.

In IMGBurn, I click Tools/Drive/Change Book Type/BenQ
Change for: DVD+R
Current Setting: Unknown
New Setting: DVD-R

When I repeat those steps, it shows the “Current Setting” as “DVD-R”.
After burning a disc and cycling the tray, IMGBurn reports that the disc is of Book Type DVD+R.

Thanks for any help

I guess you could try BenQ Booktype Management Tool or Nero CD-DVD Speed but i don’t know if they work with oem f/w’s. I’ve never kept my oem BenQ drives oem. I always cross flash them to retail.

Although this is “technically” possible it’s still only a play with letters and all nonsense.

Bitsett to DVD-ROM and be happy. :wink:

BTW, please don’t crosspost this crap around our forum.

Right! (except for the “c” word) :iagree:

@Parato Optimal: You have posted the same question in two other threads here and here, where the question is off-topic, and can be considered hi-jacking attempts, and cross-posting is also against our forum rules because it creates additional work for the people involved.

Please don’t cross-post again!

My appologies, I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.
I made my original post here.
I ventured into other posts where I found knowledgeable people whom I thought could give me a quick solution.
I thought they might not condesend to my origianl post as too simple for them.
I’ve posted much information in that forum to help others find BenQ drives.
I thought they wouldn’t mind helping me with a simple bitsetting problem.

You didn’t understand the problem. I am bitsetting to DVD-ROM.
The problem is that it doesn’t take.
Every bitsetting software I use tells me it has done it’s job.
The resulting burn is still of book type DVD+R.

I’m going to crossflash to BenQ firmware.
Maybe the generic firmware doesn’t allow bitsetting.

It isn’t crap to post an honest question.
I now know that it was a mistake to place it in the wrong thread.

Thanks for the help

Crossflash your drive to the official Benq firmware and you’ll be able to have bitsetting to dvdrom for single layer dvd+r media & be able to use QSUITE 2.1. Using the OEM firmware that starts with “G” will not allow bitsetting. :wink:

You’ll get responses from other members so just post your question once. :slight_smile:

:sad: Sorry to offend you Parato Optimal because that was not my intention, but if you read your 3 posts you actually wrote “from DVD+R to DVD-R”, nothing elses.
And from time to time there have been members trying to achieve this trick.

AFAIK, DW1640 with generic firmware auto bitsets DVD+R/+RW/+DL media to DVD-ROM. I doubt DW165* drives with G*** firmwares are any different. :wink:
See attachment with my 1640 flashed with generic firmware GSHB.

BTW while this problem been brought up, our member [I]alexnoe[/I] wrote a nice utility that will enable auto bitsetting on all types of BenQ, LG, NEC and their rebadges drives, if anyone still has problems achieving this. :slight_smile:

Thank you pinto2 i just bookmarked that link :slight_smile: Also thank you for looking into BenQ oem f/w’s and bitsetting/booktyping :clap:

Thank you all for the great help.

CD-DVD Speed shows my current book type as CD-ROM but burned discs prove to be DVD+R.
I think this firmware needs to be crossflashed to BenQ to enable bitsetting.
alexnoe has done some great work.

Thank you all again for your knowledge and advice.