How do I change Plextor 716a from Multi-World DMA 2 to UDMA 4

Hi All,

I’ve had my Plextor 716A drive for a few weeks and noticed I can’t get dvd burns above 10 minutes even with 16x stock (Verbatim -R). My 8x stock burns at just over 9 minutes (TDK and Circuit City’s/Phillips brand -R).

Reading this forum I am under the assumption I should be able to burn a dvd in somewhere near 6 or 7 minutes. I decided to look at my drive’s DMA settings and noticed it set to Multi-World DMA 2 Mode. For better burns it needs to be at UDMA 4 right? Problem is, I can’t change the setting to any thing other than PIO. So I looked further in the forums and discovered it could be the cable I was using and sure enough I had a 40 pin instead of an 80 pin IDE cable.

I’ve since swapped out the cables and rebooted, but I still have a Multi-World DMA 2 Mode setting for my unit. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance…

BTW – I have a system I built with ECS PM800-M2 motherboard, 3 ghz Pentium4 with 1 gig of ram.

try uninstalling/deleting the IDE channel that the drive is on in the Device Manager, then reboot. Windows should redetect the drive and maybe that’ll help. simple/fast process so it’s worth a shot.

Just to add to drpino’s suggestion a lot of people install the UDMA jumper as well thinking it’s required to get UDMA. You need to make sure this is not installed. They should have called this jumper something else as it is somewhat confusing. The Jumper is for older computers that don’t support UDMA. hence multi word DMA 2.:slight_smile:

good point crossg. you want ultra DMA and not multi-word DMA. my money’s on the jumper being the issue…nice one :slight_smile:

How do I ensure the UDMA jumper is not being used? I didn’t install it. Win XP Pro just detected the drive and did what it did. Is there a way to uninstall it?

BTW - thanks for the quick responses guys.

it’s a hardware thing not software. it’s on the back of the drive (where the IDE and power connectors are) and is a small plastic thing that covers 2 pins. check the manual for exact instructions.

no prob…hope we can help you sort things out asap.

Hey people,
Why does UDMA change to PIO seemingly on its own? Is there a way to fix this?

Something is Bios?

it’s Windows actually. when windows encounters too many consecutive errors it’ll drop the IDE device to PIO mode. do a search as the reasons why and how to prevent it from happening have been discussed extensively here.

check the Bios for any settings some break down each port primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave these should be AUTO or UDMA but not PIO or disabled.

on some boards BIOS it is found on the first page which lists the drives connected upon clicking the particular drive it will show mode this should be AUTO

secondly the drive can still do UDMA 2 through the 40pin 40 wire cable

Okay – deleted/reinstalled the ide channel, but plextor was still set to Multi World DMA2. The jumper was set to its default setting which is master.

I did fail to mention before that my plextor is master to a nec 2510 burner. Could there be a compatability issue causing both drives to be DMA2?

that could be it…try detaching the NEC to see what happens.

Darn! no change. The hard drives on my primary ide channel are showing UltraDMA Mode 6. Would switching the cables on the motherboard so that Harddive is the second ide channel and the burners are primary, solve the problem? Will it reduce the performance of my drives?

Thanks for your replies!! :slight_smile:

I also have poor performance on my Plextor Drive, it takes about 20-25 min to burn a 4.3GB DVD+R disc. In addition I get about 400 Burn Proof corrections. When reading from the disc I get CRC errors…

I have a ECS motherboard w/ AMD 1800+ setup and 512 mb of ram. The 80 conductor cable is installed on both the hard drives and on the DVD burner. There are 2 hard drives connected to ide channel 1 and dvd burner on channel 2.

My system, says the drive is a PIO Mode 4 with DMA/66…

edit: I run Win2K SP4… btw, how do you check what mode the drive is running in the O/S? In older version you had to check off DMA mode in device manager.

eds, are you using an 80pin cable?

leesiulung, please read the FAQ in the Plextor section about DMA and PIO mode.

yes. 80 pin cable. I noticed in another post a VIA miniport driver was recommended. Could this be my problem? Where does on get this driver?

anything VIA can be found here:

eds. Try rolling back your ATA/ATAPI drivers to Microsoft default drivers, reboot and see if that works, You never mentioned if your other drive on the same IDE channel was in PIO as well?. Could be misleading you but I have seen other threads that say the VIA 4 in 1 drivers work.

@drpino. I see you got some typing practice. This thread grew in a hurry. hehe. :slight_smile:

So, i tried updating the via drivers by using what i think is an update from ECS’s website, but still have not gone from DMA2 to UDMA4. When I try rolling back to the previous drivers I get a warning that (basicaly) there are no drivers to rollback to. Guess I’ll have to live with 9 minute burns.

Thanks for all the help guys.


If you go to the Device Manager and go to ATA/ATAPI Controllers UDMA and Select update driver/install from a list or specific location/don’t search I will chose the drivers/, you should see Standard dual channel PCI/IDE controllers, click on that and it will install the default drivers. Might be different for Win2K. :slight_smile: