How do I change pdi files to another type of file?



I am in need of some real help here as I am extremely new to all of this. I did a search on the forum but nothing helped. Mainly, because I don’t even know what anyone is talking about in the help instructions!

I bought a Sony Handycam and recorded a dvd with my drama students. I also bought Pinnacle Software to edit it. The camera I have does not have streaming video so I just took out the dvd+rw and put it in the computer to copy it with the Pinnacle software. I did not finalize it because I didn’t think you had to with that type of dvd. But I am thinking I was wrong about that.

I copied it onto the computer using the wrong program. I used “Instant DVD Recorder”… which I thought would just copy it to the hard drive. But I think it did something to the DVD… because the DVD is corrupted now. It did copy the video onto the computer luckily. But it is in a pdi. file format.

Pinnacle will not edit or even recognise a pdi format. I was able to burn a CD using Instant Copy. But I need to be able to EDIT this video.

How do I change the pdi. format into something else? And PLEASE! I need very, very detailed and elemetary instructions. I know NOTHING about this type of thing at all.



Was there no software supplied with the camera?
Try here
And here
I know nothing about this file format myself but if you go here
You will find tutorials, just type pdi files in the search engine.
Hope this helps.