How do I change my .srt Subtitles file to overlay my video file?

I downloaded an old Japanese movie that had english subtitles. I wasn’t even aware that the english subtitles were on a separate .srt file until I began to burn the movie to a disk and discovered that the subtitles were gone. I found out about this stuff by searching this website. My problem is this, I have access to Adobe Premiere Pro, Roxio 2010 applications and Windows DVD maker but none of these programs will let me ‘overlay’ the .srt files so I can restore the movie’s subtitles. I can only assume that I must first convert these files to a format that one of these programs will allow me to do that but I have no idea as to how to proceed. I’ve searched this website and others with no success. Please consider when answering this thread that I have very limited knowledge when it comes to working with video files so please, if you respond, consider that I’ll need really basic information. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.

I’ve moved your thread into the general video editing forum since you don’t mention Imtoo software (which is the subforum you originally had it in).

What format is the original movie in? We need to know this before trying to suggest tools to use.

I’m really sorry about the incorrect placement of the question but I really wasn’t sure where to ask it. The file originally downloaded as ‘Ran.[Masterworks.Edition].CD1’ and ‘Ran.[Masterworks.Edition].CD2’ with each file located in a folder of the same name. Each of these folders also have files named ‘Ran.[Masterworks.Edition]’ and ‘Ran.[Masterworks.Edition].CD1.srt2’ in their respective folders. It seems that the .srt files are english subtitles files. Both main video files are .avi clips that I can run right now and watch the movie but I don’t speak Japanese and need the subtitles. I have two other movies that will also need to go through the same processes.
I hope that this info is sufficient. Please bear with me as this is my first time ever using this site. Thanks again.

AutoGK can do this

Unfortunately, [I]Ran[/I] is a movie still protected by copyright. Unless you have purchased these downloads, we won’t be able to help you any further.

It is our policy to help people who wish to make backups or change formats for movies that they own, whether they are physical disks or downloads, but you must have a legal right to the material. With downloads this usually means that you have purchased the movie online, though there are a few films that belong to the public domain. [I]Ran[/I] is not one of them however.