How Do I Change My Homepage



can anyone tell me how to change my homepage? Nothing work so far.
thanks: hoehandle


Somehow the question seems to pop up more questions than it is able to give answers.

What are you trying to ask?

a) I wanna edit my homepage html file with an editor
b) I wanna change my homepage inxdex.html file to another file
c) I wanna change to
d) I wanna make a homepage
e) None of the above, you’re an idiot.


Another possibility, option [B]f)[/B], I have been hijacked.

These posts require a bit of mind reading.
Forgive us if our guesses are off target.


nah i think Mr B got it right with option [B]e)[/B]


I’d go for option f here (and guys, be more friendly to less experienced users, mmmkay?).

Download anti spyware software (several threads about that subject in this forum, e.g. cws shredder) and run it, if you have the proper program, it will remove the spyware and you’ll be able to set your homepage to whatever page you want again (e.g. :wink: )


no, no! i think mr. B. meant option e) as “none of the above you’re [referring to mr. b] an idiot for reading too far into my question”

or at least i hope that’s what he meant…saying he’s the idiot, not the original poster.

in regards to the question, if it’s spyware related, the cause definitely needs to be removed first. then it’s just a matter of “TOOLS>OPTIONS>GENERAL” and you set your homepage (for firefox…IE is something similar I’m sure)


Correctemundo! :slight_smile:

If, however the thread starter felt insulted, me is sorry.