How do I change it from 'Slave' to 'Master'?



I’ve got a Time branded Mitac 8375 laptop with a QSI SBW242C cdrw/dvd internal drive which works fine with Windows XP, but SiSoftware’s Sandra 2005 reports that it is a ‘Slave’ on the Secondary IDE channel, and that it is ‘Not present’. My laptop’s bios (Insyde Software) on boot-up says ‘Secondary Master: None’. The bios S.C.U. does not give an option to change the settings of either the Primary or Secondary IDE channels, and I could not find any jumper pins anywhere on the optical drive unit when I removed it from my laptop. Please tell me how to change the setting of my laptop’s optical drive from ‘Slave’ to ‘Master’. Thanks for reading my message.


You’d have to find a suitable firmware for the drive.


Most Mitac Boards need “Master-Only” firmware, if I´m not mistaken