How do I change buffer size?



I have an HP compac with A realtek onboard soundcard… How do I change the buffer size, I’ve never done this before ?


What kind of buffer are you talking about?


This kind of buffer?

“When using the built-in sound card for pro audio applications like Acid, it is common to experience pops, clicks, crackles, and distortion when the buffer size is set too low.”


In winamp go to options, preferences, output, then double click the ‘direct sound output’.


Is the buffer setting supposed to be something on Realtek’s end, or on ACID’s end?


@ Albert …Is supposed to have to do with the realtek end …

@eric93se… I did a search and don’t have winamp in here ? at least not that search could find … am using Vista Home Premium SP1



[not related to Microsoft in any way]


K is done, thanks Albert
and Thanks eric93se :bigsmile: