How do i capture a clip from a dvd?



Here is what I want to do.

I have a dvd made from a vhs that i had taped many hours of footage on…I made the dvd useing a standalone dvd recorder.

What I want to know is there a way for me to put this dvd into my computer and caputre certain parts of the footage(it’s one big track) so that I can go in and edit them and make a dvd with mutilple tracks.

I’m not sure even what software to look for. I have a dvd burner on my computer.

Any ideas/help would be great


Use Dvd Shrink in re-author mode.


thanks, I shall take a look at it.

Will this allow me to save the parts seperately so that I can make a dvd from multiple sorces or just allow me to re author from one disc?


DVDShrink will let you take small clips out of the original video when used in reauthor mode. Look at the tutorials at or on how to use it for this purpose. There are lots of other ways of doing this, but Shrink is free and this works ok. Shrink will not reauthor your saved clips.

Do you have an authoring program? There are many available, from Nero, Ulead, Pegasys, etc.


My understanding is, yes you can extract scenes from different dvds and them combine them into one dvd. I’ve only done the extracting part though.