How do I Calibrate my HDTV




Besides using the User mode to adjust the settings to my liking.
Is there another way to Calibrate my HDTV??

Thanks for any advice ////


With my new LCD TV I used the THX setup routine on the StarWars DVD’s.

These have signal test cards for setting up brightness, contrast, colour and sharpness and if you have a DVD player that can output to the same sockets you normally use for other items you can set them all up (e.g. my DVD does RGB over scart, component and HDMI so can setup all of these sockets as my TV stores settings for each connection type).


As qwakrz has suggested.

How to Calibrate your HDTV

Robert Heron demonstrates how to calibrate your HDTV using a THX test pattern that comes free on DVDs like Toy Story and the The Incredibles.