How do i bypass the protection to make an iso?

I’m going to explain this simple i hope i get a simple reply
Ok i know how to find the protection a cd/dvd is using, my main question here is how do i bypass the protection to make an iso or another format of the cd so i can save it to my pc then start up alcohol and burn it to a blank cd.

Anydvd can disable the protection and they are almost always up to date so if it a new dvd you want to back up there wouldnt be a problem. Go to Slysoft and u can get a trial. Clonedvd and Anydvd work great together. If you like anydvd then you should support them and buy so that way they can keep updating the program plus you can get $10 off because i guess they did something for cdfreaks members.

For protected CDs, use either Alcohol120% or CloneCD; for DVDs, use AnyDVD together with CloneDVD or DVDDecrypter. All of the above-mentioned programs will rip the CD/DVD into an image file which you can then later burn onto CD/DVD media.

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