How do i burn xbox games and what mod chips should i use?



Can you burn xbox games the same way you burn dvd’s? Can you decrypt them and shrink them and then just put them on to a disc? and then do i just install a modchip to my xbox and this will all work? please help

btw i what programs should i use to back up my games and what mod chips too


Absolutely not. Only the XBOX can read XBOX original discs. You need to network the XBOX to your PC and FTP over the original disc. You will need a chip and/or modified bios and a modified dashboard (ie Evox, Unleash X) in order to FTP the original disc over to your PC. There you will need to convert it into an ISO file (you can do this with Qwix, Craxton, ect.) and then burn the ISO file to DVDR. You need to spend some time over at as there is alot to learn. :wink:


Jesterrace is 100% correct. Go check out forums.

  1. need modded box to play back ups.
  2. Which chip. Up to you read up on them and decide 4 yourself. (x3 and Xenium Ice seem to be the favorites)
  3. You will probably want to add a bigger HD.
  4. Look into Slayers auto installer. Makes setup easy for noobs.(con: you really don’t learn anything.)

I personally like xenium, I like Evox (3935?), XBMC, HDDLoader.

My .02


How do i network my xbox to my pc and how do i send the game over??

what is a modified dashboard?? PLZ help i tried xbox scene i couldnt find any tutorials to use that actually helped me…


PLZ help i tried xbox scene i couldnt find any tutorials to use that actually helped me…
Theres a link on the home page that says ‘Tutorials’, theres also one that says ‘forums’. <-- Look here, this will answer all your questions. The process is deep, but not to complicated once you get started. Networking your xbox 2 PC is a simple matter of plugging in a cable, but before that you need a chip, a hacked BIOS for the chip and a Dashboard. The original Micro$oft BIOS/Dash prevents you from being able to create or play backups, this is why a chip, Hacked BIOS, and Homebrew Dashboard is necessary. But as stated above, go to forums.