How do i burn w/ subtitles

hello, how do I burn a movie with subtitles? The subtitle files are in IDX and SUB file formats.

Well, first of all, you haven’t given enough information. What format is the movie in now and what format would you like it to be in? In any case, from my brief browsing of Videohelp, it seems like a program called VobSub is in your immediate future. Anyway, these links might be useful…;10#697;20#116

Let me know if those weren’t helpful…

I think a program called FFDSHOW can add subtitles to your movie.

Thanks… i already had fddshow and got it to work

how do i burn it into a dvd so that i can turn it on and off? The movie is in MPEG format

I don’t think you can as it isnt a DVD, It is probably downloaded or something?

DivxtoDVD will convert mpeg to DVD.