How do i burn VOB/BUP/IPO files with roxio easy media creator 9 suite?

can someone please explain which sub-program to use and what i should do to burn it?

yeah can someone please help me?

You either use Nero Burning ROM or write function of DVD Decrypter of ImagBurn to do this job. DVD Decrypter and ImagBurn is free program while Nero Burning ROM you have to purchase but before that, you can download it and use it for 30 days as a trail version.

i have dvd decryptor, what steps should i take to burn it with that? cause i really dont wanna download and install nero. (such a big program which i will never use n will take a long time to install) so just please tell me how i can burn it using dvd decrypter.

Lets try this with ImgBurn. It is the updated burning engine you find in DVDDecrypter.

Go to and download the program. It is free to use.

Look through the guides here
I can’t emphasize this enough. You will learn more from the guides than I can explain in this post.

I’m going to make the assumption that you have already got your dvd video on the hard drive in the form of a Video_TS folder and a Audio_TS folder. If this is the case, AND the video is small enough to already fit onto a single layer dvdr, then you can use the Build mode in ImgBurn, make your ISO and burn it to the disk in one step.

If it isn’t small enough to fit onto a single layer disk, then you’ll have to reduce its size with something like DVDShrink. When you use Shrink, make the output an ISO. You can use the Write mode in ImgBurn to put this onto a single layer disk.

The other option with a large dvd video is to burn to a dual layer disk without compressing it with DVDShrink. ImgBurn can do this also, but you should use only Verbatim +R DL media.

This really isn’t all that hard to do, and the guides will help a lot.

You should also look into a program called RipIt4Me. It can decrypt a commercial dvd, rip it to the hard drive, reduce it to the necessary size and then output to an ISO that you can burn either with DVDDecrypter (which is part of the program) or ImgBurn. It is free, very simple to use, and a good starting point for beginners in backing up dvds.

ok cool i will try that when i get home. there is one problem. the dvd folders are in the hard drive, and in a folder called VIDEO_TS. there isnt a Audio_TS folder. do i need that?

The Audio_TS folder isn’t normally necessary, but you can create an empty folder and name it that to put into your ISO you build with ImgBurn. There is never anything in the Audio_TS folder anyway, but some programs and players look for it, so it never hurts to include it.

ok i created a AUDIO_TS folder right next to the VIDEO_TS folder and i downloaded imgburn (it replaced my dvd decrypter) ok and i chose the build option. (I tried to read the guide, but it just confused me. here is what i did:

open up imgburn
select mode > build
click the “browse for folder” icon and click on the whole movie file
clicked the calculator button and 74% of the dvd is filled

now i dont know what to do. how do i burn it onto the DVD? do i click “switch to device output”? should i tick “add to write queue when done” box? when i click build, will it burn it or what? is there anything else i should know? thanks.

wait, dont answer these yet. i am burning it atm and i will tell you if it is successful.

ok cool it worked!

Here is the steps you should take to burn with DVD Decrypter.