How do I burn this?

I have the latest clone cd, trial version, and am trying to burn a back-up of Ghost Recon, what else do I need and how do I set it up? cdrom is a sony, and burner is a creative. I have not been able to burn it so far. Thanks.

could you tell us what kind of settings you did made in clonecd ?

Just the default settings

Ghost Recon is protected by SafeDisc 2
So follow ClonyXXL’s tips and trick on that.

For all this stuff , use google.

I was able to get Nero to burn this pretty easily

yeah right, nero will not even start to burn it here, latest version too.

What sort of Burner are you useing to try and burn it?

I tried it with two different burners, a creative and a tdk with burnproof

I don’t think that the creative drive will do it. The TDK I’m not all that sure about. I think that CloneCD should do for copying it. But I cant say that I know what settings you would need to do it.

all i do with safedisk 2 protected cd’s is copy them to my hard drive using clone cd

settings as follows:-

fast error skip
intelligent bad sector scanner
read subchannel data from data tracks
read subchannel data from audio tracks
dont report read errors

basically check all the boxes except
abort on read error

wait for usually quite a while then burn from hard drive back to cdr

allways happy to help!!!

daemon tools…check at to see if your 2 burners will do what is required to back up your disk.