How do I burn this movie



how do I burn this movie ,from a bit torrent download,
size is 4.38 gig

file name ends in

i used Hi-Joiner to join all the files

but Nero will not burn it nor any other converter software i have :disagree: :disagree:


.sfv is not a movie its a file checker to make sure all aprts of the arcive are there and not damaged.

I use big O softwares but flashfxp site had sfv checking tools.

Like if a dvdr was made up of 100+ rars, it would test them and if any bad it renames, so when you repair in winrar it reanmes them back after recheck (only if n00bs made a recovery files)


ok, how can I re join files like these, bhp-seainside-ntsc.001 to