How do I burn single layer? + a couple more questions

Hi Guys

Ok silly question time. I’ve just purchased a NEC 2500a burner and straight away flashed it to herries beta 5 firmware and all seemed to go well. On a fresh install of windows I installed the latest version of nero. Originally it only showed up as a cdburner not giving me the dvd burning functions. I rebooted the machine and it now saw it as a dvd burner. However I then went to burn a movie and noticed down the bottom where it has the red line showing the capacity you can fill it was up to 9gb. I was just trying to burn a standard 4.5gb disk so dragged over the files. I then clicked burn but it told me I’d need to insert a dual layer 9gb disk. I tried two different medias (princo and ritek) but it still wouldn’t let me burn. I did some searching around for a setting to disable the dual layer thinking that’s what needed to be done but I couldn’t seem to locate it am I looking in the wrong areas.

Also I’ve noticed the drive still shows up in windows and nero as a 2500a not a 2510a even though it’s flashed and seems to have all the dual layer functions is this correct?

Finally is it possible to reduce the speed of the dvd drive to 1 or 2x for dvd movie playback if so how do I go about this?

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first the firmware will call it a 2500 because that is what herrie left it.

no idea what is the deal in nero but my guess is that you have chosen something like dual layer dvd instead of dvd as the template.

Nero seems to show the full DVD9 capacity on +R discs, It’s not a problem, just ignore it. Nero is just telling you it supports DL.

thanks for the replies guys it’s appreciated

Yeah I’m truly stumped with nero though when selecting the options for a new compilation I simply chose dvd-video there wasn’t an option anywhere to select single or dual layer only the burn speed for the disk. Nero doesn’t seem to care what disk I put in as both disks with single layer dvd-r disks. The problem appears to be that it thinks I’m trying to burn 9gb even though I’ve only copied over 4.5gb. When I click burn it opens the drive telling me to put in the proper media and thats as far as I get :frowning:

I think you are trying to burn just a little more, than the capacity of SL DVD media is.

Try to burn 4G and the tell us the result.

BTW, DVD SL can hold about 4,39 GB data (capacity shown in Windows).

Cheers, TomazO!!

hi tomazo

ok will deffinately give that a shot it didn’t occur to me as the files I’m burning are direct from dvdshrink but I’ll see how that goes

well i just changed firmware to a DL firmware and sure enough i have the same thing as you now… weird