How do I burn regulard DVD's by using BDMV files?

Hi there. First time in a long time. I have an “ready to go” BDMV file and its companion certicate file on my computer. It was from an editing project and I have already burned the same files ( included with the menus, chapters, etc. ) to Blu Ray. How can I turn the same file now into regular DVDs?? I am trying to avoid rendering again. I understand I probably need to convert the files again but my main goal is to keep the entire finished files in tact.

Thank you in advance.


AFAIK, your best bet would be to first, de-mux (extract) the video /audio streams with tsMuxer and then import them into ConvertxtoDVD, to convert to DVD compliant specs…Then burn them…I [I]think[/I] you can open the BDMV file to access the m2ts stream and import that instead…Sorry I don’t have a BDMV file at the moment, but perhaps someone else can chime in that does, and can offer some help/tips…

Thanks for the replay One. I think I know how to straight up convert video streams from the BDMV files. But I am hoping for a solution to convert the ENTIRE movie in one package ( chapters & menus ).

No, saving chapters and menus isn’t going to happen when converting this to dvd-video.

You can use MultiAVCHD to import the m2ts file and output as a finished dvd-video. It uses the HC encoder and will do a good job of this. But you lose menu structure. If I wanted an elaborate menu and specific chapter points, I’d import the output from MultiAVCHD into DVDLab Pro. (LabPro is a fairly expensive dvd authoring tool…there are some free alternatives)

In the past, I’ve also used an AviSynth script to import the m2ts file, resize it, and convert to mpeg video stream using HCgui. I used ClownBD to extract the audio and convert to a dvd-video compliant stream. Then you can import the two streams into a dvd authoring program and build menus.