How Do I Burn & Play PS2 games?

Please comment if I am wrong on any of the following:-

To Burn a PS2 disc:-

  1. This can either be a DVD or CD.
    If it is a DVD, you need to RIP the DVD onto a CD (as you do with movies).
    If it is a CD, you need to copy the disc with CDRWIN, then patch it from ww*

To play a PS2 backup:-

  1. Get an external USB Modchip from
  2. Play the disc

PS. Do you still need a Utility disk if you have a Modchip?

Is this it everybody? Is it that simple?

One more thing… You need a GameShark 2 as well as a Modchip! Once you have the Modchip and GS2, for PS1 games you just pop them in and start it up. For PS2 games, you will need to put in the GS2 disc, then take it out, put in your “backup”:wink: , and then run it from there…

With a modchip, you don’t need to patch your games, just do straight 1:1 copy with CloneCD!

Expect to spend around 80 bucks…

If you don’t want a modchip, it is possible to get the games working with just GS2, but it is risky because you have to use “knife” methods and stuff.