How do i burn only Iso files without it's cue?

I’m not new to CD Burning but when ever i see files on ftp’s or warez sites there is only one file and it is the .iso file (or .img, .bin). I understand that you need a .cue file indorder for the program to work. So is there any program that will make one for me? Or how do i burn these files without .cue’s?


Diskjuggler and Easy CD Pro 95 both don’t need a cue file to burn the image. Just the *.img or *.iso etc. file.

if you have a plextor cdr drive and the plextor utilities you can burn it too

You can even use lame asz Easy CD Creator fo burning .iso files… The only one using a combination of .cue and .bin files is CDRWin… (and previously, also Fireburner)

you can make a cue file with Ms windows Notepad yourselfs,
or you might wanna unwrap / unpack it with Isobuster.

So you can burn it with any program you like.