How do I burn multiple movies using Nero?




I have encountered a few problems burning movies. When I use a dvd to burn multiple movies using Nero, it sometimes only takes the first movies (cue file). This morning however, it did not accept this. I choose dvd and then hit new and the window that pops up only allows for a cd compilation. Yesterday, it allowed me to do this.

Also, I can burn multiple movies if they are already in a Windows Player format, but not if they are in bin/cue format.

Can someone help me? thanks.


Just click on the cue file and it should open in nero, from there its easy. Just try it.

Also for burning the multiple files, open nero vision, and say DVD, then add video files, import all ur files and then onwards it should be easy. Hope this helps!!!


Hi shafling, thanks for your advice.

I am trying nero vision and it seems to be burning - albeit very slowly - several hours to burn two movies. Is this normal or is there a way to speed it up.

When I click on the cue file you are right, it does open in nero burning rom straight away but it is for cd only. When I try to change it to a DVD compilation by hitting new, it still goes back to cd format only.

Any other advice? thanks.


Burn your cue file to image recorder first. Then try buring the resulting file in nero vision. It should work. I am in office this time will try to replicate it at home and get back to you. :slight_smile:

About your burning speed, it depends on the max speed of your drive and the DVD or CD which you are using. If you are using CD-R it can be above 52X but your drive should support and if it is DVD it would be max 16X. At what speed are you burning?


Hi again,

I’ve never burnt the cue file to image recorder first. Do you go into the recorder menu and choose burn image? Can you give me a bit of instruction on this.

Ok re the burning speed, I’m burning another movie onto dvd now but the it is only a 1x-4x dvd. I checked speed setting in Nero Vision and it just says max - so i guess if I have a CD-R which is 1x-52x then it will be up to 52x? Does the integrity of the movies suffer when you burn it faster though?

The other thing is when i used to burn through Nero burning ROM, I could stipulate overburning so that I could fit a bigger file on a CD of 700mb. Is this a feature available in Nero vision?

Thanks so much for your help shafling, i really appreciate it.



im using nero vision for buring movies on DVDz. but only one movie (700 - 800MB) can reside on a single DVD.
so i wish i cud burn more than one movie on a single DVD.
is it possible…??
plz help…