How do I burn multiple movies on a dvd and add subtitles?

I know how to burn a movie on a dvd. But i wanted to learn how to burn multiple movies on a dvd. And also how can i add subtitles(portuguese) to them? Can i use Nero? If not, then which program is needed? Thiss will help me a lot, so please respond.

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Can you give more details? What format are the movies you want burn on the disc? If you burn AVI movies, then you can add 3-4 movies on a single disc (based on the file size of course).

Adding subtitles to an avi file is pretty easy: it is sufficient extract subtitles from the DVD with a tool like DVDSubEdit and save them as .srt file (many standalone players are able to use these files). The advantage is subtitles stored in an external file can be disabled :slight_smile:

For DVD movies the procedure is a bit different. Original DVDs usually already have subtitles, and most of backup software like DVD Shrink retain all subtitles and no particular procedure is needed.

Thanks for the welcome and the response geno888.

The file is in AVI format. Do you know any good sites that i can download the subtitles? And also if i can use Nero to do this procedure?

Try at there are a lot of subtitles available :slight_smile:

If you want keep subtitles external, there is no procedure to use: simply save the .srt file in the same folder of the avi movie, and rename it exactly in the same way of the avi file.

For example, if you have The_Movie.avi, then you must have

If you want leave these movies as avi, then you can create a data disc with all movies that the disc can contain. Any burning software is good for this (my personal choice is ImgBurn).

If you want convert these movie into video DVD format, then it is not advised to put more than a single movie in each disc, or the resulting quality will be ugly.

To convert avi into DVD you can use DVD Flick

If you have a lot of these movie to convert, because of mpeg encoding requires a powerful machine and a lot of time, the easiest solution is to get a standalone player able to read AVI files (these are not difficult to find, and not really costly).