How do i burn multiple avi. files so that they will all play on dvd player

I have a lite-on LVW 1105 dvd recorder that can play multiple formats including avi. Whenever i burn more then one avi file onto a dvd my dvd player only allows me to play the first file. I want to know how to burn multiple avi. files onto a dvd so that i am able to play all of them individually. Furthermore i’m curious as to how i would go about creating a menu so i could pick which file i want to play…thanks

If you already burned one AVI file to a DVD, what software did you use? I like Nero although I know I’m in the minority.

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To put various avi on a DVD disc, you need only to create a “Data disc”, and not a “video DVD”. Usually standalones able to read avi movies have an internal browser that allow to select what file you want to play after you insert the disc in the tray.

u can check here for some info on that player. seems other peeps have more or less the same issues. good luck.

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