How Do i burn Motocross madness 2?

im having touble building an image for motocross madness 2. i have the original game but wen i go to build and image it goes at like 14kbytes per second and it comes up with all these disc read errors(alcohol 120%). i tried it with clone cd and the same thing happend!
Could some PLZ help me. thanks in advance.

This is normal for Safedisc protected games. They will come up with read errors on the first 10000sectors something, during which the reading speed will be lowered to a level which depends upon the drive used. other drives read through these sectors quickly others dont. After these sectors are read the speed will return to normal levels. You just have to be patient.

What drive are you using?

ohhhhhh… i see!
im using my atapi 48X cd rom to try and create an image of it. i’ll try it again on my cousin’s cd rom or something. thanks for your help man!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that you have to be patient sometimes. I remember i had to leave my PC on for several hours during the night while reading SD with my old Ricoh drive.