How do I burn more than 1 movie to dvd

Hi , Im a newbie to burning movies, so I going to cut the crap and get to the point – How do I burn more than movie to dvd ? I want to backup most of my dvds due to kids scratching most of my dvd collection. I have done a backup with dvdshrink - but lost with burning more than 1 movie to dvd … please Help … I’m after a quick and easy program to do this.

Check this thread for my response

Yeah seen that but never made any sense to me and wasnt much to go on … all my dvd files are vob … like I say dont know nothing about burning more than movie onto dvd … just need to know what I need to do this

i use dvdlab, got to and search for reboot`s guide.

thankyou will look out for that program :slight_smile:

forgot to add you can download a free 30 trial, its a bit tricky to get used to but if you follow the guides it makes very nice professional dvd`s.

It’s very easy with DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter.

  1. Install both programs.
  2. Put movie no. 1 into the drive.
  3. Start DVDDecrypter.
  4. Set its mode to “File”.
  5. Click “File” -> “Decrypt”
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for movie no. 2.
  7. Open DVDShrink.
  8. Click “Re-author” button.
  9. Find the copies of the DVD’s on your hard drive with the “DVD browser” section of the program and add the movie titles you want into the “Re-authored DVD - Structure” section of the program.
  10. Choose which titles, and which audio, video and subtitle streams will or won’t be included in the DVD you’re creating. (You should do this, to save space and reduce the amount of recompression that needs to be done on the movie(s) to fit onto the new disc.)
  11. Put blank DVD±R/RW/RAM/DL disc into drive.
  12. Burn.

Sorry i didn’t explain. If you don’t mind quality loss, convert the movies to svcd, and then use the svcd2dvd program that i mentioned in the other thread. If you use the dvdshrink method the quality will be better, but if you convert to svcd you can fit more movies on one disk.

Thankyou … At last I’m getting somewhere, got dvdlab and yes very confusing to use. NREN2K5 thanks for the info will try that out looks easy enough to do - cheers for the help guys :slight_smile: