How do I burn .iso files made w/ dvdfab onto dual layer discs?

I have been using DvdFab 8 in full disc mode, then HD Decrypter once that expired, to make 1:1 copies into .iso files to save on my computer for burning at a later time. Now I would like to burn them onto DVD+R DL discs to play in standalone dvd players. I have tried using ImgBurn but keep getting the “end of the world” problem because there isn’t a layer break. I burned two .iso files with the VSO engine but both time got a burn fail message and although they both played in my standalone dvd player there was alot of skipping and freezing. I would like to learn to burn them onto dual layer discs with proper layer breaks. After reading numerous forums and posts I still can’t figure it out. I’ve attempted mounting the .iso and reading them with ImgBurn and burning that way. I’ve also tried mounting the .iso and reading in dvdfab to get video_ts folders & then burning those with imgburn to no avail. It always comes down to not having a layer break. And when I got to choose one in ImgBurn their is never any suggested ones as either “good” nor “excellent.” I have found out that I should have deselected the “remove layer break” in Dvdfab from the beginning but since I didn’t what can I do about the many .iso files I’ve already ripped? So basically my question is…how do I burn .iso files made by dvdfab, with the layer breaks already removed, onto dvd+r dl discs that can play in standalone dvd players?

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