How Do I Burn DVD?



I’m trying to copy my brother’s Lord Of The Rings DVD. I imaged it with DVD DECRYPTER and when I tried to burn it on a blank DVD+R…it’s says the image is too big and won’t obviously fit in the blank DVD. The blank DVD’s I got has a 4.7GB capacity… and the image file is like slightly over 7 GB… how the do I fit that in the DVD? I’m hoping for an exact copy of the original CD.


You need dvdshrink or dvd2one to shrink it to fit on a blank DVD.
The actual size of a 4.7 blank is 4.38.


There is an great guide on how to use DVD Shrink.
I have used Shrink to backup well over 100 DVD’s.


As long as you live in the same house as your brother I don’t see a problem with this.

But if you are backing up a copyrighted DVD that is not in your house that is illegal, it’s the same thing as copying a rented DVD. Asking questions about such things is not only against the forum rules, it is also immoral.