How do I burn dvd ram cartridge discs?

Hi there I’ve been given a double sided dvd ram disc 9.4 gigs in a cartridge the ram disc is made by imation. I have a liteon SHM-165H6S dvd writer model, how do I put the disc in my writer? I’ve no idea, I would be most gratefully for your helpfull advice. cheers

please people, your helpfull knowledge would be appreciated in reply to my help request :cool: cheers

I have some Verbatim 3x RAM discs (single sided though) in cartridges. I just open up the cartridge, take out the disc, and voila.

A Google search had to help me with getting the things out though.

Once the disc is in your drive ready to use, I recommend grabbing the hacked Panasonic RAM driver (again a forum search should pull up a link, I don’t have it handy right now). Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping in Explorer.

On Panasonic DVD-RAM cartridge (type 4 double sided) there are 2 plugs which must be punched out with a pencil first then one side has a hinge the other side a place to push in then the whole door swings open and you can remove the disc. Discard the small plugs. My ES15 and ES25 and used the discs in the cartridge but my Panasonic DVD S52 Players can play them only it I remove the disc from the cartridge. :doh:

notice the hole that looks green in the photo that is where I punched out one of the plugs.

Wow thanks guys, I thought I’d have to remove it, just that there’s no info on how they are used and the disc I have is double sided type 4, kind of looks like a big floopy disc doo da thingy lol with the white cover moving to expose the disc cheers for this

Yep, CCRomeo, that’s identical to my Verbs :iagree:

@nzl_geeman - yep, I messed with mine for a good few minutes before searching Google, which found me directions exactly the same as given above. :slight_smile:

Thanks. finally prised the disc(carefully)from the container dvd writer a Liteon SHM 165H6S saw it as "opto udf disc, I haven’t installed any drivers or what ever regarding dvd ram drive do I need to? cheers for your help thus far

Well I put a “ram driver” on rebooted it wouldn’t recognise the disc…so I opened the disc with explorer dragged/copied a couple of music albums to the disc…voila it worked fine…thanks for all the helpfull input