How do I burn DivX?

My newbie question is: I got a movie the other day with a .avi extension. I converted it to DVD and burned it which took around 4 hours total. I later discovered that avi could be DivX, etc. My oppo dvd player is a certified Divx player. It will play DVD-Video, DivX, Xvid, .SRT, .SMI, .IDX and .SUB formats, etc. Could I just burn the file as is to a dvd-r without the convert step to play in my oppo? If so, how?

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If your standalone is able to read divx files, you can simply create a [B]Data[/B] disc writing on the disc the avi without any modification or conversion.

To be sure that your avi can be played, you need to see how it was encoded. This can be done with gspot

I installed gspot and ran the file through it but I don’t understand what data is relevent. Could you please explain to me. Thanks

At the top right it’ll show the codec used. If this is Xvid or Divx then creating a data disc in Nero or similar with this file on it should work fine.

Note that some players have problems with Divx type movies on DVD+RW media but are fine with DVD-RW , DVD+R, DVD-R , CD-R and CD-RW media.

What happens when its not fine-can you do anything to them.I still have some that work and some that dont.

I believe i have been making a silly mistake.I have been putting the folder containing the avi file onto disc insted of the avi file only-this may explain my failures.Being a newbie it may be such an obvious mistake that no one mentioned it.Experts could this be right?I will be so pleased to understand why I have been going wrong.

sadly this is WRONG.I have discovered that my divx player will only play files upto a certain size 960 by 544 is too big.Soooo can you resize them-in very simple words please!!!

Wow , I’ve never seen one that big before. :wink:

VirtualDub with it’s inbuilt filters certainly can resize for you.

It’ll be something like open the avi file, then Video & filters. Add “resize” & set your size parameters.

Then Video & Compression & select your codec - Divx or Xvid , configuring the output size you want.

And then save as …

Hope that’s useful, but you might need to tweak a couple of those steps if I’ve got it wrong.

Very useful -thanks.

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My current Pioneer DVD recorder can play XVID/DVIX AVI files as long as they are on CD-Rs or CD-RWs. I simply burn the AVI files to a disc and play them in the machine.

Are there any DVD players that will play these types of files on DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs (without having to do any conversions)?


My Pioneer 440 will.

Are there any other DVD players that can handle DIVX/XVID AVI files burned directly to DVD-Rs?

I think I read somewhere that Panasonic’s DV-588A-S and DVD-S53 models will play these files as well.


There are a whole bunch, but I whouldnt waste your time on buying one. I use

for my Divx files. But for some reason I’m a Imtoo fan donno why. Xilsoft just rips them off. If I remember ConvertXtoDVD does also. Any ways. The JVC KV-DV50 does. Wal-Mart has a whole bunch too. Best Buy and Cicuit city whould be your best bet tough. I have some brand named ilo? Or Tilo. I’m looking at it now and it says Ilo, but I swear its Tilo. Its a Wal-Mart only brand. Thing works like a charm though.

If I’m not mistaken, the problem with using this method is that the files end up quite large. I have a collection of 150-200 files that average 175 MB each. If I burn them directly to DVD-Rs, I can get about 25 files on each DVD. If I use a DIVX/XVID to DVD conversion tool, I can only get 3-4 files on each DVD.


That depends on what quilty you set it on. But if their 175mb each you should be able to fit about 34gb (200) if I’m not mistaken. A standard DVD is 4.7 so thats about 8 dvds. But if you upsize to a DL (8.5 gb) thats 4 DL dvds. The only problem with DLs are that they wont read on every DVD player. Well old ones that is.

Ok. I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the help.

I bitset DVD+R DLs to DVD-ROM and have no problem playing them in my old Toshiba DVD players, which normally spit out anything other than commercial discs and DVD-Rs.


Glad to help.

I just converted a file using Cucusoft’s DIVX-DVD program and the resulting file’s size was 725MB. I can therefore get about 11 files on a DVD. Not bad. I’ll try IMToo’s utility as well.

Thanks again.


according to there are hundreds of them starting at $20 or so.

There are hundreds of players that will play DIVX AVI files burned to CD-R/RW, but not many that will play the same files burned to DVD-R.