How Do I Burn Diablo2:Lord of Destruction Expansion With Roxio5?



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Why dont you use Clony and Clone CD. or is it that you want to do it using Roxio5 only ?


Could You Help Me Out, By Telling Me How To Do It With Roxio?


Roxio is not suited for backing up copy protected games.

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Iam Just Very Anxious To Get This Game Working, What Do You Suggest I Do?


Originally posted by Mikhailkabob
Iam Just Very Anxious To Get This Game Working, What Do You Suggest I Do?
You should use clone cd. Get the latest version from Elby

Diablo 2 constists of three cds, only one of which is protected (i think it is the play disk which has SafeDisk 2). You can back up the 2 unprotected cds with nero or roxio with no problems - but i suggest you use clonecd for the protected one :wink:

You can find the settings for SD2 by using the search function in the cdfreaks fora …:wink:


Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is a one CD expansion set that I imagine is also encrypted the same way as the Diablo 2 ‘PLAY’ BD.

Just thought I’d add a correction :slight_smile:


Yeah my mistake, didn’t notice he was talking about the expansion pack.

The expansion has “securom new” and not SD2 - so you should create an image with “read audio/data subchannel” on.

You’d better use the search for securom new :wink:



Would daemon-tools work with this? I imagine that “Secorum-New” is the upgrade from “Secorum” and daemon-tools advertises support for only "Secorum.

I tried the method that you described to no avail. I made an image from the original CD with Clone CD 4 using a Profile posted by GAM3FR3AK at … and the disc seemed to work fine until I tried to play it. From there it acts like the game is starting up … the screen resets and all that and then it returns to Windows with the error stating that I should verify that I’m using the correct CD and press Retry.

My system(s) configuration is this:
System One:
Windows XP Professional (all updates and hotfixes)
Samsung DVD-ROM (DDU1621)
Pentium III 800Mhz
512Mb RAM

I have another system; but, it is Debian GNU/Linux and I’m curious as to if anyone would have any suggestions on software that would be compatible. I’m using Debian 2.2r6 (potato) and Debian 3.0 pre-release (woody).

Thanks for all the information so far. … :slight_smile:


There’s nothing wrong with GameFreak’s profile for securom.

The truth though is that setting audio read to max and audio extraction quality to bad might work just fine for lite-ons but not for your reader.

I know for a fact that Samsung drives (i have both 612 and 616 samsung dvds) read crappy subchannel data. So i suggest using your cdr for making the image file. If this doesn’t do it, you can also try lowering the reading speed and setting the audio extraction quality to medium or better. It will take a bit longer but might produce a working back up :wink: