How Do I Burn Bin/Cue Files With Nero, Alcohol 120% or ImgBurn?

im just wondering how i burn bin/cue files using either nero, alcohol 120% or imgburn. can someone please tell me how to do this. any help or advice is apreciated…thanks

In Nero you can select “burn image” and then select the cue file.

If you search around here a bit, you find better explanations…they’re plenty

Yes that will work just fine.

Nero install should associate the .cue file and Double Clicking on the .cue should load it in Nero and you can burn away.

If it didn’t after you double clicked on it and then choose “select the program from a list” then find Nero.

This is the fastest way to burn .cue files if you do it a lot.

Here’s the guide I used, so just click on that link, bookmark it, and you will have it for posterity. :bigsmile: This is for using Nero, by the way, although I was wondering myself if one could burn bin/cue files using Imgburn as well…

It should be as easy as opening NERO, going to the FILE menu and choosing OPEN and then selecting your CUE file, I believe.