How do I burn avi's

I know I should have read what it does first but I just bought it and now I realize, I think, that I can not burn video dvds.
Am I wrong - I hope so.

i hope this issen`t an april fool :slight_smile:

but post more info, what are you trying to do? what burner are you using?

Well, I am sometimes quite a fool :confused:
I have a lot of TV episodes that I recorded directly on my computer in my windows days that are in AVI format. I am trying to transfer them to DVD’s that I can view on a dvd player.
My burner is a Lite-On DVDRW Show-812S

lol i was only joking :slight_smile:

try vso divx to dvd very easy to use and does a good job.

I was hoping something for linux

It is problematic to work with video with linux, linux needs programs to convert video from one format to other and programs like DVDDDecripter and DVDShrink or TMPGENc even if they are propietary software I think a lot of people will be glad to buy this kind of software for linux, Graphical and easy to use.

I had some success on Linux using: encode2mpeg
It is based on the very powerful MPlayer.

Hi, I’m here only to give some good site names that can help someone that uses a RPM based distribution, like SuSE, RedHat, …:

It’s all. Enjoy!

ja darauf hoffe ich auch, das währ dann ein echtes “nero”

und wieso hier für nero linux, links zu windows tools gelegt werden, empfinde ich alls bodenlose frechheit.

K9 Copy works like DVD-Shrink for Linux. it is damn near exactly the same.


NERO LINUX 4 WILL NOT I REPEAT NOT BURN anything into DVD format that is not a .VOB, .ISO, .IFO, or .BOS format.

Such Bull

You can try installing Nero 7 using Wine in linux like I did but unfortunately mine failed to install.

Nero is a great platform but BOY DID THEY CUT CORNERS ON NERO LINUX.

anyone out there looking to buy it DON’T! it is good for nothing.