How do I burn an MP4 file (Video) onto a DVD so it's playable on a DVD player?

I have a movie in .MPEG-4 format. I want to burn it so it’s on a CD and I can just put it in a DVD player and it shows. How do I do this? I have no experience, so please thoroughly explain. :doh:

You want it on a cd specifically? Or would a blank dvd work for you?

To convert it to dvd-video and burn onto a blank dvd, you can use either DVDFlick or AVStoDVD. Both can be set up to burn automatically if you like.

The only tricky part is this…you have to go into the settings and make sure that the dvd is being made with the correct specifications for the country you are in. If you are in the US, you need to set them to output as NTSC. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL standards.

DVDFlick is generally regarded as being slightly easier to use for newcomers, so I would try it first. There is a link to a guide for DVDFlick at that site in .pdf format. You should look through it.

Thank you for your generous help. I do have one question about DVDFlick. When it “burns” the movie to the DVD, will it be able to playback the movie on a DVD player afterward?

The dvd video that is produced by DVDFlick should be playable by any stand alone dvd player or by software in a dvd drive in a computer.

My advice on the burning side is to burn at moderate speed. If your blank dvd is rated at 16x, burn at 8x or 12x. Use good quality media…I recommend Verbatim brand as it is reasonably easy to find (Best Buy or Office Max), and is consistently good. You can adjust the output in Project Settings to burn to a disk, and you can set burning speed within DVDFlick.